• thermomometer - clock
    thermomometer - clock

    thermometer clock -alarm- hygrometer. indoor only

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    IDR 90,000.00
  • SMALL GEA refridgerator
    SMALL GEA refridgerator

    Barang NEW, 100% Ori, Resmi garansi GEA 1th
    Dimensi : 43.9x47x51cm
    volume : 46liter
    konsumsi listrik : 82w
    Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun
    Pintu stainless steel
    Pintu dapat dibalik
    Rak pintu untuk botol 2 L
    Kaki dapat diatur
    Kunci dan Static Cooling

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    IDR 1,550,000.00
  • digital thermometer indoors - outdoors
    digital thermometer indoors - outdoors

    thermometer hygrometer. complete with battery.

    not delivery free.

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    IDR 99,000.00
  • NEW Bluetooth speaker
    Bluetooth speaker

    great quality speaker system with bluetooth, fm radio, sd card slot and usb..

    volume controls, and mode buttons..

    black colour.

    easy charge from micro sd charger.

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    IDR 190,000.00
  • power supply micro usb
    power supply micro usb

    power charger that fits all units for micro usb ( charges gmc bluetooth radio )

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    IDR 50,000.00
  • NEW mini wireless bluetooth headset (set of 2)
    mini wireless bluetooth headset (set of 2)

    colour black or white .

    MINIMUM order 2.. please state colours when ordering. so we can check available.

    "Clear sound, live snap in your ear, cordless super simple"

    Listening to music and answer the phone becomes very simple.

    This earphone comes with a very small and do not have cable. Highly portable, especially when used as a fitness exercise, jogging, etc. By design earwing so the earphones into place following the structure of the ear, not easily separated when used in sports.

    High Quality Audio
    Sport headset is the sound quality is very clear and powerful bass.

    comfortable Design

    Sport headset has a small and lightweight design making it very comfortable to use for long periods. Suitable for morning exercise like running / jogging.

    Bluetooth Connection
    These earphones connected to a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection so you can play music directly through a smartphone without the hassle of wires.

    Items that you can find in the product box:

    1 x Micro Sport Bluetooth Stereo Earphone
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Manual

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    IDR 70,000.00
  • spc latest model wifi cctv
    spc latest model wifi cctv

    latest model

    Clever IP CAMFitur:
    - Monitor dari smartphone
    - Plug and Play
    - P2P Cloud
    - HD image
    - PTZ
    - IR-Cut
    - Wifi Connection
    - Slot Micro SD Up To 64Gb
    - Two Way Audio

    Spesifikasi :
    - Model KST-960P
    - 1/4 Cmos sensor
    - Support 2 way audio
    - Horizontal 355 derajat vertikal 120
    - Support 1 way h.264
    - Video stream and one way mpeg
    - infra red led
    - fixed zoom

    Packaging Content:
    - SPC Clever IP CAM
    - Stand Holder
    - Power Adaptor
    - User Manual

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    IDR 550,000.00
  • NEW ULTRASONIC jewellery cleaner
    ULTRASONIC jewellery cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaner is a tool that uses an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning delicate items and components are difficult to reach in the usual manner, suitable for cleaning of watches, jewelry, etc.


    Effectively and Dust Cleans Absolutely
    you can use ultrasonic cleaner to clean the items that are difficult to clean in the usual manner, such as small crevices that are difficult to reach.

    Low Noise Level
    Ultrasonic Cleaner has a lower noise level compared with other cleaner ultrasonic machine, so your room remained quiet when the machine is running.

    High Quality Materials
    Ultrasonic Cleaner uses material stainless steel material on the inside of the body so that long-lasting and durable.

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    IDR 550,000.00
  • HOT MEGA taser
    MEGA taser

    Taser with knockout power.

    larger than medium taser with more power...

    Electric pulse is very visible and a very loud crack!

    original product.

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    IDR 300,000.00
  • endoscope . for computer or phone.
    endoscope . for computer or phone.

    This wifi wireless endoscope camera can work with Android and IOS mobile device. You just need install the APP, then do wifi connection with the endoscope camera, then you can check the image via the 8mm lens. It have 8 leds and the brightness is adjustable.
    It can be used for underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector and so on.

    Camera: 2.0 mega pixel

    Often used for checking drains for blockages.

    1 x wireless endoscope
    1 x wifi box & power bank (2in1 kits)
    1 x side mirror
    1 x hook
    1 x magnet
    1 x manual book
    1 x Sucker

    The correct password is 12345678 for this unit.

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    IDR 395,000.00
  • NEW dash cam 2
    dash cam 2

    Car DVR HD 1080P Full HD Lens Camera 170 dash cam car
    video recorder h.264 car DVR night vision Car Cam

    resolution of 1080P FULL HD:
    170 degrees A + grade high-resolution wide-angle lens
    Advanced H.264 photography compression technology
    2, 4 inch high resolution LCD, can watching while shooting.
    4X digital zoom
    function night vision
    automatically turns on / off function
    Support HDMI transmission of full HD video
    memory card support TF, up to 32GB
    recording function seamlessly loop-cycle
    function motion detection
    G-sensor function

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    IDR 379,000.00
  • NEW Dash cam
    Dash cam

    surveilance for car or bike, records accidents or incidents as they happen. sensors detect movements and activate recording.

    single cam only, recommended rear and front of car.. 2.

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    IDR 379,000.00
  • NEW medium taser 1
    medium taser 1

    best quality rechargeable knockout..

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    IDR 250,000.00