• N99 pollution masks
    N99 pollution masks

    Weight : 150 grams

    n99 good quality masks.

    you can wash in clean water and reuse the entire mask, carbon filter can be washed clean too..

    less waste of one time masks..

    we have high demand for n99 masks, so if we do not have in stock delivery can be 1 day..

    PERFECT for when your out in jakarta..

    EXSTRA filters available on website.

    filters last 1-3 months depending on pollution levels..
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    IDR 59,000.00
  • pollution mask(5pack) filter n99
    pollution mask(5pack) filter n99

    pack of 5 filters for n 99 pollution mask

    each filter lasting1-3 months depending on pollution levels..

    in stock again 2 days ..

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    IDR 50,000.00
  • surgical masks
    surgical masks

    sensi masks 50 per box.

    Does not include shipping.

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    IDR 40,000.00
  • mask 3m n95
    mask 3m n95

    1 Box : 20 pcs,

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    IDR 299,000.00