We are a Family run business with no outside investors.Run from a small storage facility in Slipi area, we sell to all areas of Jakarta.

We receive Fresh deliveries of vegetables every day, and cater for large / small customers.Our online pricelist is competitive with all green produce markets in jakarta.

We have taken the time and efforts, to check where and how our products are grown, and regularly do spot checks on our suppliers to ensure first class quality.



High quality Grade A vegetables grown , and nurtured in the highlands of indonesia.

Healthy, Crispy and fresh.

Semi organic vegetables - Vegetables grown in organic conditions protected from insects with an organic protection. Fertilizer used in soil for plant growth is organic. water supply for growing plants is from mountain streams.

Organic vegetables - grown in strict conditions, allowing for no chemicals to come in contact with the plants. Only organic fertilizer, organic pesticides, and the cleanest filtered water is used for plant growth.

Our indonesian produce listed on our site is grown under organic conditions using animal manure as fertilizer, we use traditional methods for insect control, for example chilli water as a spray, soap which can be sprayed on leaves to prevent white fly, saw dust around carrots on ground , and much more.. we use modern methods of farming combined with old methods of pest control.

WE have a selection of imported fruits that come from many places, all are checked before being exported and imported through strict control, new methods of keeping fruits fresh include keeping fruits in a c02 environment, for storage, however as everyone is aware some fruits do have a wax spray coating when imported, which is not poisenous but is applied to keep freshness of produce. can be easily removed by pealing or removing with warm water..

we hope we answer any questions with our short information, about our produce.

best regards greenvalleys team.