• HOT N99 pollution masks
    N99 pollution masks

    Weight : 150 grams

    n99 good quality masks.

    you can wash in clean water and reuse the entire mask, carbon filter can be washed clean too..

    less waste of one time masks..

    we have high demand for n99 masks, so if we do not have in stock delivery can be 1 day..

    PERFECT for when your out in jakarta..

    EXSTRA filters available on website.

    filters last 1-3 months depending on pollution levels..
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    IDR 59,000.00
  • HOT Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S OLED Digital Display
    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S OLED Digital Display

    you can pre order now--------

    please whats app us to check stock..

    OLED Display
    Xiaomi 2S Air Purifier has an OLED screen that allows you to display information about temperature, humidity, air quality in real time.

    delivery can be 1-4 days

    smartphone Control
    Use WiFi to connect to the phone, you can use the app home Acer Millet, Live View and change the quality of outdoor air in the house, and bedroom areas most suitable.

    Package Contents
    1 x Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

    Dimension 520 x 240 x 240 mm

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    IDR 3,900,000.00
  • HOT Carrots grade A
    Carrots grade A


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    IDR 40,000.00
  • HOT Large udang/Prawns
  • laser egg 2  chemical detect.
    laser egg 2 chemical detect.


    this laser egg has multiple option, chemical detection, pm2.5, temp, humidity.

    do you suspect heavy use of chemicals? this is the option for you.

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    IDR 4,500,000.00
  • xiaomi car air purifier
    xiaomi car air purifier

    for those who want to keep the air in the car. Xiaomi Car Air Purifier is the right product. The form is compact with a simple mounting system makes it can be installed very easily. The use of two pieces of fan with PM2.5 fiter made to provide cleaner air for your family.

    Warranty 1 month


    1 x Holder
    1 x Car Power Adapter
    1 x User Manual

    Efficiient Air Purifier
    Although it has a small form, Xiaomi Car Air Purifier is able to clean the air of the car within a period of 3 to 7 minutes. With the capability of up to 60 cubic meters per hour, this air purifier can clean various size car very easily.

    Double Fans Purifying Process Design for Effective
    Use of two specially designed fan at both ends of this air purifier made to suck the air volume that many make the screening process more quickly.

    High Peformance Capability Filter with PM2.5 filtration
    capable of filtering particles that are so small evil so your health becomes more awake.

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    IDR 1,500,000.00
  • mixed herb seeds .
    mixed herb seeds .

    for planting only.

    1 Paket Berisi ANEKA HERBS (Bumbu Dapur Western) :
    - Rosemary
    - Dill
    - Oregano (Greek)
    - Garlic Chives / Chives
    - Coriander
    - Sage
    - Parsley Aphrodite / Parsley Moss Curled 2
    - Basil Sweet / Lemon / Cinnamon / Thai / Fine Leafed
    - Marjoram (Sweet)
    - Anise
    - Tarragon
    - Lovage
    - Lemon Balm
    - Summer Savory
    - Mint (Spearmint)

    delivery time on seeds is 2 days.

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    IDR 70,000.00
  • wfa  water based fogging agent
    wfa water based fogging agent

    1 litre

    Waterbased Fogging Agent / WFA adalah media bahan pengantar untuk fogging (pengasapan) tanpa minyak tidak mengandung racun (pestisida). Waterbased Fogging Agent / WFA dapat dicampurkan dengan pestisida formula EC, ULV, SL, OC, dan SC. Ukuran pencampuran tergantung kepada aturan yang dianjurkan.

    Keunggulan menggunakan WFA :
    1. Bahan campuran untuk fogging
    2. Pengganti solar atau white oil.
    3. water based, bukan minyak
    4. Cocok untuk aplikasi indoor/outdoor
    5. Tidak meninggalkan noda pada interior, lantai, kaca, dan furniture
    6. Tidak beraroma dan tidak beracun
    7. Aman bagi tanaman dan ternak

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    IDR 90,000.00
  • 3M gas respirator
    3M gas respirator

    complete ready to assemble.

    used when fogging outside.

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    IDR 150,000.00
  • Mini Fogger TASCO SP-2000
    Mini Fogger TASCO SP-2000

    please note 2 day delivery time as we check your unit.

    - Merk : TASCO
    - Tipe : SP-2000
    - Metode Pengapian : Automatic
    - Ukuran Tangki obat : 2200cc
    - Bahan bakar : Butane Gas
    - Dimensi : 51 x 36 x 20cm
    - Dispersion : 2200cc/Hr
    - Jumlah bahan bakar : 1.5jam/btl

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    IDR 1,350,000.00
  • NEW Bluetooth speaker
    Bluetooth speaker

    great quality speaker system with bluetooth, fm radio, sd card slot and usb..

    volume controls, and mode buttons..

    black colour.

    easy charge from micro sd charger.

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    IDR 190,000.00
  • power supply micro usb
    power supply micro usb

    power charger that fits all units for micro usb ( charges gmc bluetooth radio )

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    IDR 50,000.00
  • fan cover (3)
    fan cover (3)

    3 fan covers that fit many different sized fans.

    desighned to keep childrens fingers out of fans - however we highly recommend these covers for catching dust and mosquitoes..

    fans commonly circulate air with dust and anything else flying around, this handy cover catches dust and bugs blown through the fan.. can be washed in soap to remove particles.

    colour blue/pink - pending stock.

    fits 40 cm fan on front side

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    IDR 40,000.00
  • pollution mask disposable pm2.5
    pollution mask disposable pm2.5

    lasts up to 3 month.

    comes in handy resealable lock bag.

    5 layer filter.

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    IDR 25,000.00
  • NEW childrens pollution mask
    childrens pollution mask

    comes complete with pm2.5 filter.

    children 4-10.y


    please state colour at bottom of order.

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    IDR 45,000.00
  • NEW Urban n95 pollution mask ladies
    Urban n95 pollution mask ladies

    n95 pollution mask can be washed in soapy water for cleaning,

    simply replace internal filter after 3 months.

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    IDR 51,000.00
  • NEW jalapeno spicy
    jalapeno spicy

    mixed colours,

    available seasonal,

    due to high demand - can be out of stock.. please order in advance.

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    IDR 60,000.00
  • NEW italian pepper
    italian pepper

    great with salads and pizza

    seasonal - order in advance.

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    IDR 60,000.00
  • NEW Red Onions
    Red Onions

    organic red onions.

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    IDR 55,000.00
  • seafood mix box1
    seafood mix box1

    medium squid - 1kg

    medium udang prawns -1kg

    mackerel medium -1kg

    red snapper or white snapper -1kg pending catch.

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    IDR 500,000.00
  • NEW red cabbage small
    red cabbage small

    organic red cabbage grown on highland farms.

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    IDR 40,000.00
  • HOT tofu organic
    tofu organic

    freshly made daily

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    IDR 22,000.00
  • spring onions small
    spring onions small

    tasty fresh small spring onions. organic

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    IDR 25,000.00
  • NEW mini wireless bluetooth headset (set of 2)
    mini wireless bluetooth headset (set of 2)

    colour black or white .

    MINIMUM order 2.. please state colours when ordering. so we can check available.

    "Clear sound, live snap in your ear, cordless super simple"

    Listening to music and answer the phone becomes very simple.

    This earphone comes with a very small and do not have cable. Highly portable, especially when used as a fitness exercise, jogging, etc. By design earwing so the earphones into place following the structure of the ear, not easily separated when used in sports.

    High Quality Audio
    Sport headset is the sound quality is very clear and powerful bass.

    comfortable Design

    Sport headset has a small and lightweight design making it very comfortable to use for long periods. Suitable for morning exercise like running / jogging.

    Bluetooth Connection
    These earphones connected to a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection so you can play music directly through a smartphone without the hassle of wires.

    Items that you can find in the product box:

    1 x Micro Sport Bluetooth Stereo Earphone
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Manual

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    IDR 70,000.00
  • giant water filter 20 inch
    giant water filter 20 inch

    change less frequently your filters, 20 inch. includes filter.

    choose carbon or sediment filter when buying and colour of exterior of filter.

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    IDR 699,000.00
  • sediment filter kit 10 inch
    sediment filter kit 10 inch

    carbon filter = sediment filter.

    includes everything to install in 20 minutes.

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    IDR 350,000.00
  • sediment filter kit 2
    sediment filter kit 2

    4 filters, carbon -sediment filters 2- and sand filter.

    includes everything to fit in 30 minutes.

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    IDR 950,000.00
  • butternut squash
    butternut squash

    per kg. each squash is average 1 kg.

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    IDR 65,000.00
  • spc latest model wifi cctv
    spc latest model wifi cctv

    latest model

    Clever IP CAMFitur:
    - Monitor dari smartphone
    - Plug and Play
    - P2P Cloud
    - HD image
    - PTZ
    - IR-Cut
    - Wifi Connection
    - Slot Micro SD Up To 64Gb
    - Two Way Audio

    Spesifikasi :
    - Model KST-960P
    - 1/4 Cmos sensor
    - Support 2 way audio
    - Horizontal 355 derajat vertikal 120
    - Support 1 way h.264
    - Video stream and one way mpeg
    - infra red led
    - fixed zoom

    Packaging Content:
    - SPC Clever IP CAM
    - Stand Holder
    - Power Adaptor
    - User Manual

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    IDR 550,000.00