• NEW beansprouts

    fresh daily

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    IDR 12,000.00
  • NEW Beef tomatoes-large.
    Beef tomatoes-large.

    Organic large tomatoes.

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    IDR 40,000.00
  • NEW black Grapes
    black Grapes

    1kg sweet!


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    IDR 120,000.00
  • NEW Granny Smith apple
  • NEW seafood package 12kg
    seafood package 12kg

    2 red snapper weighing 5 kg each

    2kg large squid

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    IDR 1,745,000.00
  • trusens z3000
    trusens z3000

    Pembersih udara berteknologi canggih dengan filtrasi DuPont ™ mengurangi polutan di ruang pribadi Anda dan meningkatkan kualitas udara di rumah. Desain yang ramping dan ukuran yang bervariasi menjadikannya ideal untuk ruang mana pun.

    • Menghadirkan udara yang lebih bersih sehingga Anda dapat mempercayai udara yang Anda hirup.
    • Teknologi PureDirect mendistribusikan udara dengan lebih nyaman dan efektif.
    • Filter HEPA 360 derajat DuPont ™ menangkap polutan dan gas / bau VOC dari semua arah.
    • Sinar UV membunuh kuman dan bakteri yang bisa terperangkap dalam filter.
    • Kontrol tombol sentuh sederhana untuk kecepatan kipas, mode UV, dan indikator penggantian filter.
    Air Delivery Type: PureDirect
    ✔️ Room Coverage 2 ACH: 750 sq ft / 70 sq m
    ✔️ Purification Levels: Washable Prefilter, Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter, UV
    ✔️ Fan Speeds: 5

    ✔️ Auto Mode: Yes
    ✔️ Night Mode: Yes
    ✔️ Timer Settings: 2/4/8/12 hours
    ✔️ Filter Change Indicator Type: Carbon, HEPA, UV
    ✔️ Dimensions: 263 x 263 x 726 mm
    ✔️ Watts: 110
    ✔️ Noise Level: 30 - 60 dB
    ✔️ Weight (KG): 6
    ✔️ Warranty: 2 years
    ✔️ Date Indicator: Undated
    ✔️ Size: Large
    ✔️ Hertz: 60
    ✔️ Volts: 220-240
    ✔️ Pack Quantity: 1

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    IDR 6,500,000.00
  • trusens z2000
    trusens z2000

    Product Specifications:
    ✔️ Type: Standard Purifier
    ✔️ Sensor: SensorPod
    ✔️ AQI Indicator: Numeric & Color Display
    ✔️ Air Delivery Type: PureDirect
    ✔️ Room Coverage 2 ACH: 375 sq ft / 35 sq m
    ✔️ Purification Levels: Washable Prefilter, Carbon Filter, HEPA Type Filter, UV
    ✔️ Fan Speeds: 4 (whisper,1,2,turbo)
    ✔️ Auto Mode: Yes
    ✔️ Night Mode: Yes
    ✔️ Timer Settings: 2/4/8/12 hours
    ✔️ Filter Change Indicator Type: Carbon, HEPA, UV
    ✔️ Dimensions:223 x 223 x 567 mm
    ✔️ Watts: 66
    ✔️ Noise Level: 33 - 64 dB
    ✔️ Weight (KG): 5
    ✔️ Warranty: 2 years
    ✔️ Size: Medium
    ✔️ Hertz: 60
    ✔️ Volts: 220-240

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    IDR 4,900,000.00
  • NEW Fresh chicken
    Fresh chicken

    Frozen chicken. Fresh from.Farm.


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    IDR 70,000.00
  • HOT Imou - wifi cctv
    Imou - wifi cctv

    Ranger 2 WiFi cctv, one of the best available on the market at low price.

    View your home security anywhere anytime..

    We highly recommend this cctv for the entire home, and can be linked to alexa or google apps.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 490,000.00
  • NEW Imou-ranger 2s  wificctv
    Imou-ranger 2s wificctv

    Deskripsi Imou Ranger 2S Indoor Wireless IP Camera 1080P Full HD H.265
    1080P Full HD Video
    High quality sensors present crystal clear videos and recordings.

    The Latest H.265 Compression
    Reduce network bandwidth and storage usage by 50% at the same video quality.

    Human Detection
    Powerful image processing technology quickly finds human targets in images and
    immediately sends a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor what
    matters without receiving annoying false alerts

    Built-in Siren
    With built-in siren, scare unwelcome strangers away.

    Abnormal Sound Alarm

    Sends instant alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects baby’s crying or other abnormal sounds, keeping you aware of what's going on at home from anywhere.

    Full-duplex Two-way Talk
    Built-in speaker and microphone allow you to interact with pets and family or dissuade unwelcome guests.

    0~355° Pan & 0~ 90° Tilt
    Create a panorama on Imou App and rotate the camera to view every corner of your home, full range ensures no blind spots.

    Smart Tracking
    Ranger 2S automatically focuses on and follows moving objects or people. One click on Imou App to enable Smart Tracking function, you’ll receive real-time notice when someone breaks in, and you
    can check the recordings if you have a micro SD card or purchased Imou cloud plan.

    Excellent home security at low cost.

    Highly recommended

    Privacy Mask
    One click on Imou app to hide the camera lens, which protects your personal privacy when you are home.

    Network Port
    Ranger 2S can be used in two ways of networking, it supports both Wi-Fi and network cable connection.

    Diversified Storage
    Video is easily stored and accessed through SD Card, NVR, or Cloud storage.

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    IDR 699,000.00
  • NEW Egg steamer
    Egg steamer

    Good quality egg cooker.

    Room for 6 eggs.

    Cooks on auto, comes with measure and assorted equipment.

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    IDR 299,000.00
  • NEW Sun pride pineapples
    Sun pride pineapples

    Sweet n large. Weight is an estimate.

    Price is per piece

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    IDR 25,000.00
  • dewalt cordless drill
    dewalt cordless drill

    excellent allround drill for home.

    Voltage: 10.8V
    Chuck Capacity: 10 mm
    # of Speed settings: 2
    Kecepatan tanpa beban: 0-400 / 0-1500 rpm
    Max. Torque: 24 Nm (hard) / 15 Nm (soft)
    Battery Chemistry:XRLi-Ion
    Battery Capacity: 2 pcs x 1.3 Ah

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 1,499,000.00
  • bosch cordless impact drill
    bosch cordless impact drill

    excellent allround house drill.

    complete with case battery and charger.

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    IDR 1,400,000.00
  • pro dewalt cordless drill
    pro dewalt cordless drill

    Mesin Cordless Hammer Impact Drill Brushless
    Merk : DEWALT
    Type : DCD796D2
    Kepala Bor : 1.5 - 13 mm
    Baterai : 2.0Ah x 2pcs
    Charger : 4A (pengisian baterai 2Ah dalam 30 menit)
    Max torque : 70Nm
    Teknologi Motor : Brushless / induksi Tanpa Menggunakan Carbon Brush.
    Kelengkapan : Koper + 2 Baterai + 1 Charger

    includes drill case.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 2,800,000.00
  • NEW Xiaomi levoit core 300 air purifier
    Xiaomi levoit core 300 air purifier

    Highly effective smaller air purifier, can easily be moved around the house.

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    IDR 2,300,000.00
  • NEW Medical masks. Soft.
    Medical masks. Soft.

    Super soft medical masks.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 65,000.00
  • HOT Xiaomi band 5
    Xiaomi band 5

    Main Features:
    1. Large screen with dynamic color display, the display area is increased by about 20% again, 100+ themed watch faces
    2. 11 sports modes, rowing machine, skipping rope, yoga, elliptical machine
    3. 50 meters waterproof, can be worn in rain or swimming
    4. 24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time monitoring, heart rate warning
    5. 24-hour sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement, sporadic naps
    6. New women's health, physiological period record and reminder
    7, 14 days long battery life
    8. Magnetic charging, direct charging without disassembly

    1.1"AMOLED screen
    Screen resolution: 126*294
    Number of screen colors: 16 bit
    Screen backlight: maximum brightness ≥450nit, adjustable brightness
    Screen buttons: 1 touch button (wake up, return)

    High-precision six-axis sensor + PPG heart rate sensor
    Six-axis sensor: low-power three-axis acceleration sensor + three-axis gyroscope
    PPG heart rate sensor (in which the infrared detection function is only supported by the NFC version)

    Battery Life
    14 days long battery life, magnetic charging
    Charging method: magnetic charging
    Charging time: <2 hours
    Endurance: ≥14 days

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    IDR 499,000.00
  • NEW Garlic onions
    Garlic onions

    Fresh half grown garlic for salads and cooking. Excellent taste.

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    IDR 25,000.00
  • Echo show 8, alexa.
    Echo show 8, alexa.

    Alexa can show you more - With an 8" HD screen and stereo sound, Alexa can help manage your day at a glance.

    Be entertained - Ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, movies, or the news. Or listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks.

    Connect with video calling and messaging - Call friends and family who have the Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen. Make announcements to other devices in your home.

    Control your smart home - Voice control compatible devices or manage them on the easy-to-use display. Ask Alexa to show you security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats.

    Make it yours - Show off your albums from Amazon Photos. Customize your home screen. Create morning routines to start your day.

    Made to fit your life - Cook along to step-by-step recipes. Easily update to-do lists and calendars. Glance at weather and traffic on your way out.

    Designed to protect your privacy - Electronically disconnect the microphones and camera with one press of a button. Slide the built-in shutter to cover the camera.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 1,800,000.00
  • Arbit ir activator.
    Arbit ir activator.

    Control devices at home through alexa.LLink apps together with this device

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    IDR 180,000.00
  • NEW echo dot (alexa)
    echo dot (alexa)

    now while stock lasts..

    let alexa control your home.

    radio alarms. recipes. and much more.. alexis will even play games with the kids.

    gen 3 alexis. complete with power supply.

    several units will enable messages to be sent around the house.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 599,000.00
  • NEW xiaomi filter cover
    xiaomi filter cover

    cover your filter with an elektrostatic cover to cut down dust and other objects entering filter, can.. make your filter last up to 3 times longer with regular filter cover change. savings...

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 30,000.00
  • Bali sweet sausage
    Bali sweet sausage

    Perfect for slicing and adding to everything


    Lihat Produk
    IDR 29,000.00
  • NEW smoked bacon
    smoked bacon

    fine bali smoked bacon.225-250gram

    vaccum packed.

    hickory smoke taste and smell. excellent breakfast bacon.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 72,000.00
  • HOT lamb chops- prime aus
    lamb chops- prime aus

    australian reared lamb.

    3per pack

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    IDR 160,000.00
  • NEW oxtail cuts. prime aus.
    oxtail cuts. prime aus.

    prime cut aus oxtail. Small 5-7cm pieces. Delicate and fine.

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 135,000.00
  • curly mustard leaf
    curly mustard leaf

    fresh 250 gram

    Lihat Produk
    IDR 10,000.00
  • siomak

    250 gram fresh

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    IDR 10,000.00
  • winged bean
    winged bean

    per bunch

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    IDR 18,000.00