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xiaomi humidifier

IDR 390,000.00 / 3300 grams
Weight : 3300 grams

Perfect for using in bedrooms with ac units to put back the water into tha air you breath, preventing dry climate.

Xiaomi DEERMA DEM-F600 Air Humidifier Large Capacity 5L (White)

Humidifier of famous brand DEERMA present with various functions that are needed compared to cheap humidifier type. You could say this is the best in its class humidifier. Starting from a timer, water tank capacity of 5 liters, touch buttons, it is ultrasonic, and much more.

Ultrasonic Humidifier
This tool will issue mouisture water that makes the air humidity is maintained, especially in air-conditioned room. Its ability to propagate ultrasonic vapor from Deerma F600 is not lost with humidifer brand names such as Xiaomi, Sharp, Coway, Honeywell, and others.

Elegant Design
The unique design makes it look so fancy humidifier when placed in a corner of the living room of your home.

Timer Setting
Humidifier can set the duration of the flaring so you can leave the humidifier is lit and then will die by itself.

Sensitive Touch
No need to use the physical buttons to operate this air humidifier. You just touch it gently, and the device will be operated.

Large Capacity
humidifer has a water tank big enough for up to 5 liters. So you do not need back and forth continuously because of the water quickly drains.

Zero Radiation
You do not need to worry, this humidifier would be dangerous for your health. F600 Deerma even claimed to have Zero Radiation Technology.