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SODA MACHINE--Vikki Allan-- We are absolutely loving ours , highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.

vikki allan

great seafood service. i have been customer with greenvalleys a few years, and can highly recommend their services. fresh and plastic free as promised.


Bought 5 uv air purifiers yesterday, what a difference in the house! Clean air at last. We live in Tangerang so it makes a huge difference. Our special thanks to Greenvalleysjakarta.com for the perfect advice and service. ????


Had our first delivery of fresh goods today, absolutely fabulous. We will certainly be ordering every week. Big thank you to green valleys.

Geoff vromich

great to receive wonderful fresh goods direct to my door every week. thankyou greenvalleys for a fab service.


I bought a first air purifier (Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S) for my child's room. He has not been sick since! I have ordered others since ... And GreenValleys is top in contact and delivery! Top Service!

Arnaud B

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